The ‘New thatMLMbeat’ Development Is Now In Progress

As you can see, not the usual activity happening on thatMLMbeat. We are now officially on the way with the new development of thatMLMbeat.

I must say, I have a few mixed emotions breaking things down having to build them back up, but all for all the better! :)

If you were a user of the MLM Social Buzz plugin, it’s now been discontinued.

We are taking on Ambassador Bloggers who will be the soul content providers of thatMLMbeat moving forward. If you haven’t already done so, you can submit your application here.

If you have submit an application and you haven’t heard from us, don’t worry! We have your details and we will be getting back to you shortly.

As of now, this will be the community blog where news, updates and development info gets released for all community members.

Exciting stuff to come!

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